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"If you want different results, do not do the same". Albert Einstein.

My research interest include software engineering and requirements engineering for self-adaptive, autonomous and self-aware systems.  I am currently working on how to improve the decision-making process in self-adaptive systems by tuning the preferences over their non-functional requirements, given new information collected from the environment at runtime.

L. Garcia Paucar, N. Bencomo. 2018. RE-STORMing: Experiments using Partially
Observable Markov Decision Processes to support Runtime Decision-Making (submitted). ICAC 2018 The 15th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, Trento, Italy. September 2018.  
Data ICAC'18 Experiments

L. Garcia Paucar, N. Bencomo. 2018. R-POMDPs: Runtime Requirement Models to support
Decision-making for Self-adaptation using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (submitted). MODELS 2018. ACM/IEEE 21th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Copenhagen, Denmark. October 2018.  
Data MODELS'18 Experiments

L. Garcia Paucar, N. Bencomo. 2018. Re-stOrM: Runtime Non-Functional Requirements trade-off
supported by Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes. SEAMS 2018 The 13th International Symposium of Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-managing Systems, Gothenburg, Sweden. May 2018.  
Data SEAMS'18 Experiments

L. Garcia Paucar, N. Bencomo, K. Yuen. 2017. Juggling Preferences in a World of Uncertainty. The 25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. September 2017.

L. Garcia Paucar, N. Bencomo, K. Yuen. 2016. Runtime Models Based on Dynamic Decision Networks: Enhancing the Decision-making in the Domain of Ambient Assisted Living Applications. The 11th International Workshop on Models@run.time at MODELS 2016, Saint-Malo, France. October 2016.

L. Garcia Paucar, N. Bencomo. 2016.  The Reassessment of Preferences of Non-Functional Requirements for Better Informed Decision-making in Self-Adaptation. 3rd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Requirements Engineering AIRE 16 at RE’ 2016, Beijing, China. September 2016. 

L. Garcia Paucar, A. Ramirez-Diaz, F. Viani, F. Robol, A. Polo, and A. Massa. 2015. Decision Support for Smart Irrigation by Means of Wireless Distributed Sensors. 15th edition of the IEEE Mediterranean Microwave Symposium 2015 (MMS2015), Lecce, Italy. December 2015.

Garcia, L., Laporte, C.Y., Arteaga, J., Bruggmann, M., Implementation and Certification of ISO/IEC 29110 in an IT Startup in Peru, Software Quality Professional Journal - SQP (USA), ASQ, vol. 17, no. 2, pp16-29. April 2015.

Laporte, C. Y., R. O'Connor R., García L. H. 2015. Software Engineering Standards and Guides for Very Small Entities: Implementation in two start-ups. International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering (ENASE 2015), Barcelona, Spain. April 2015.

Laporte, C. Y., R. O'Connor R., García L. H., and B. Gerançon. 2014. An Innovative Approach in Developing Standard Professionals by Involving Software Engineering Students in Implementing and Improving International Standards. International Cooperation for Education about Standardization Conference (ICES 2014), Ottawa, Canada. August 14.

Palza, E. and García, L., Implementing I.T. management services in SMEs using CMMI-SVC, SCRUM and BPM, Software Engineering Process Group Latin America(SEPG LA 2011) and Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Lima, Peru, November 2011.

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